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CEO Dr Happy Semler III

Lanark FM is
the home of 
The Tri-Tan Collie





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Advertising on Radio Services' Lanark FM Is £1 per day

This is an opportunity to generate income for your business while supporting your local community.
It is a win win!

Advertising on Lanark FM is from £1 per day



Ads - Across all audio output £1 per ad.per 30  days. Minimum 30 days

Website ad  -  Appears on every page £30 per 30 days 

Advertising on the main show  £2 per day. Minimum 30 days.

Sponsorship of the Whole Station   £3  per day. Minimum 30 days. Your ad appears at the start of all audio output. with the exception of mirror content from our big sister site www.nationalfm.xyz. For clarity it is possible to access National FM content on the Interview page but this content is not included in the "all audio output" offer as it is content from another site.


Initially production costs  for ads only £10 except where stated. Given this, ads will be of good quality, effective but not fancy, By comparison you could easily pay £200 for this from a regular production company.


Given the low cost of the  advertising  advertising will need to be pre paid. This is because it is not  cost effective for us to spend time chasing up accounts.

Prices are for contiguous periods of time as quoted. This means the ads appear daily for 30 days in a row.   Given these extremely advantageous prices it would not be viable to do it any other way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Contact: David Semler : Email ads@lanarkfm.xyz

Or for more information email us here.

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