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Inhouse Radio

Your Own Exclusive Radio Station In Your Own Business For Very little Money

Does £1.50 A Day Float Your Boat?

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Install In house Radio  In Your Lanark Business From  1.50 per day


Have you ever thought about having an inhouse radio station within your own business or home. Prices start at less than £1.50 per day  if you have an existing PA system.  Basically this is your own  bespoke radio service within your own business. This is a well known way to improve employee and or customer satisfaction and or  communicate important information (such as health and safety)  or market  products you have in store at no extra charge. You could even have a radio station in your own home.

Or what about having a one off radio show to mark a special occasion.   Prices start at £60 per half  hour. It would be fun way to celebrate  a birthday  or anniversary , passing exams etc  or we can even help you with a wedding proposal!. Who could forget their own wedding proposal done via  a radio programme.  You can choose the music and have input into the show if you want. Its like your personalised radio show  dedicated to whoever you choose

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How would you like your own  in house radio station for just a few pounds a  month  
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